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Post  BravesirRobin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:22 pm

Im bravesirrobin, medic of the UTHT highlander team.
I am, well a medic, and im not afraid to die, if it means someone lives
Though i don't plan on dieing, but who does?
Anyway im the medic, loyal and true, it is the only class i will be playing
you will live, and if you die, you'll be taking lots with ya

What do I look like:
Im 6 foot 4, blued eyed, white male stuck in the 50s,
I wear pinstriped shirts, and fedoras, I overdress if id have to say, but man, when ya look this good who cares?

There are two load outs for medics
Overdose, Krit, Ubersaw
Overdose, uber, ubersaw
Tell me which one ya want, at any givin time and its yours

I played on a highlander team 3 seasons back, and we got high up there, team fell apart and we split apart then i went off to college, Im almost done with college, and have nothing but those easy courses
So im back, and im geting back on that old bike, I know how to heal, i know how to read the flow of battle, but as a medic, as a healer in any game, Im only as good as the person in front of me

Im Rusty, but practicing everyday, with any of the member that have been on tf2, and that has accepted my friend invites

im competitive, i will be harder on myself then anyone ever will be hard on me, I take failure Seriously, and always seek to improve, even if its by 1 second..Which is a con and pro within itselft


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Re: Introduction

Post  Cass on Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:10 pm

BraveSirRobin rocks it!


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