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Post  ATARIS on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:02 pm

I'm ATARIS. I'll play sniper since Cass asked me to and I'm not very good at competing seriously.

What do I look like:
I was going to post a link but this forum wont' let me LAME.

Uh when I'm sniping I generally carry my Hale's Own Jarate and "R Kelly" because I like to pee on people, but is the Sydney Sleeper banned? I used to be really good with the vanilla sniper rifle, but for some reason the Machina really threw my aiming off (tracers make me think I have to lead my shot in sometimes). If I get super frustrated with spies I carry the razorback, but then again if they have the ambassador it's no big deal.

I haven't really completed much...but in pubs I like to pick out vital targets such as engineers and medics with headshots. If I'm Sydney Sleeping I just like to pee on everyone and tell Cass to go get mini crits =]. I make for a good "assisting" sniper.

If I go against a good sniper I'll fully charge my shots with whichever sniper rifle I'm using.

Cass says I'm a pretty funny guy too.

I drink too much (on weekends). In fact I'm about to have some wine.

Other Info:
I'm not very competitive so if I suck I'm sorry. I'm all about having a good time.


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Re: Introduction

Post  Cass on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:47 pm

Ataris is always a good time and a better sniper than me. He also promised to do a cartwheel for me when he comes to Austin.


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