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First Post/introduction

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First Post/introduction

Post  DA BEAST on Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:23 pm

So I'm DA BEAST, captain of the UTHT highlander team.
I will be your spy, possibly sniper, and here is what the intro should look like

What do I look like:
I am a devilish rogue who wears an after-eight painted Detective Noir, a white Made man, and a party phantom. This is always my loadout during competitions.

1: Almost always use this loadout. I will be using the dead ringer, a regular sapper, a big kill (revolver reskin, sometimes ambassador), and a regular knife.
2: in the instance where stealth is much more required i will use either this loadout or the third. regular sapper, l'etranger, big earner, and cloak and dagger
3: or i will use the invis watch with ambassador/big kill, and a regular knife.

I am very good at picking out high priority targets. If something needs to be done, give me a bit and i can do it usually. I am not very skilled at taking out everyone at once, but i know how to get back behind enemy lines. I ALWAYS DISGUISE AS SPY! If you see a spy disguised as anything else, it is the enemy spy unless i announce it.
I am also good at stabbing and sapping. I know how to get at engineers when they least expect it. im good at all kinds of stabs. I enter disguised as a teammate, so that will need coordination

I can get angry at times. Ive gotten better, but my previous team can speak for me. I can get angry. you need to be able to follow directions given to others and everyone needs to work together. If this isn't happening, i can get pissed off.
I am very bad at disguising which is why i rely on my dead ringer.

other info: Get on my bad side and i can be very angry. play well, be respectful, and try your best, and we will get along just fine Smile I understand difficulties just let me know if you have any problems. Remember, this is both fun AND competitive.

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Re: First Post/introduction

Post  loay on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:13 pm

better watch your back because this guy is good


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